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The monitoring center console buy in addition to considering the product quality, unique appearance, and to achieve a function of these factors, of course,personnel factors also associated operation monitoring center, monitoring personnel for long time working here to provide a comfortable working environment, it is also important to the Pegasus console in full in comfort and maintenance to provide the following functions:          

1). Console display arm can reach four or eight direction of rotation, to meet the monitoring personnel need long time observation screen without causing visual fatigue, but also for the desktop environment to help clean and tidy;          

2). Ergonomic chair console with the use of the single lever control chassis urst, a pole to control all the functions, the office chair control more humanized; automatic dynamictmlumbar support, whether in work, sit down, or back, can make user the waist and back to get the most comfortable support; Kim series with multifunctional adjustment design, the headrest, armrest and backrest, seat cushion can be adjusted overall;          

3). The design height of the console also follow ergonomic design, design of a console use for the body's natural shape, the operating personnel at work, physical and mental adaptation does not require any initiative, so as to reduce the fatigue caused by the use of the console, the console design better and the environment to adapt to and meet the physiological and the psychological characteristics of people, people at work is more comfortable, safe and healthy.

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